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Build for a massive mobilisation on 20th October


Kingston Trades Council has called an important meeting for local trade unionists and activists, as the TUC announced its “For a Future that Works” demonstration on 20th October.

The TUC’s last mass demonstration on 26th March 2011 was over half a million people strong. It was a show of strength of the labour and anti-cuts movement against a government that wants ordinary people to pay for the bankers’ and bosses’ crisis.

As Europe descends into financial chaos, the government is demanding more and more austerity. The NHS is facing massive cuts and privatisations, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers are using their jobs and the government is attacking the labour rights of workers. We need a big demonstration of the strength and unity of the trade union and progressive movements to give confidence to workers who want to fight back.

Kingston Trades Council has called an organising meeting to bring together local activists who want to start building the demonstration to make it the massive march it needs to be. We want to use this meeting both as a way of planning how to mobilise huge amounts of people from the borough and of bringing together the elements in local society that are looking for ways to combine and organise against the government’s attacks.

7.30pm Thursday 12th July
Kingston Labour Party offices
160 London Road
Kingston KT2 6QW