Kingston budget day demonstration: fight back against the cuts!

Say no to Kingston Council cuts!

Kingston’s Lib Dem council are planning swingeing cuts to the borough’s adult social care and education in the upcoming budget. With cuts of over £8.6 million year and planned cuts of£4.4 million next year, Kingston’s councillors are wilfully participating in the destruction of the welfare state.

With between 50-100 job redundancies within the council and privatisation of children’s services, the budget also pushes for cuts of up to £1.4 million to mental health facilities. Already last year seen the closure of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for mental health patients, Rose Lodge, and plans to sell off resident care homes.

It’s clear the council is determined to make the most vulnerable pay for a bankers’ crisis they didn’t cause. And this all while all but one of Kingston’s senior schools are being turned into academies and 600 job are lost at Kingston Hospital.

All the while £20 thousand is being spent on car park rebranding!

All those who want decent schools, hospitals and other public services, should be opposing all cuts being forced upon us by a council ideologically in lieu with the ConDem government of millionaires. We should say no to all cuts, invest in our public services to create growth and give jobs to the million young unemployed people, every five of whom are chasing one job.

Say no to the council cuts! Join us to demonstrate at the council when the budget is set, 6pm, Wednesday 29th February 2012, Guildhall 1, High Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU.

Organised by the Kingston Anti-Cuts Group.

For more information call 07795190036 or email

Read the budget here.

Facebook event.


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