Trades Council endorses Kingston anti-cuts demonstration

The Kingston and District Trades Council has thrown its support behind the demonstration against Kingston Council’s austerity budget outside the Guildhall at 7pm on Wednesday 29th February, and issued the following statement:

The Kingston and District Trades Union Council ask members of the public to support the demonstration to be held outside the Guildhall on Wednesday 29th February (early evening) to lobby the Councillors as they go to the Council meeting to set the 2012/13 Council Budget.  Proposals for the cuts are to be found on the Council’s website. Cutting through the tedious “apple pie and motherhood” spin, the proposed cuts make sickening reading. 

Once again, the most vulnerable among us are being targeted to make up the shortfall in Council finances imposed by Central Government to fill the hole left by irresponsible bankers and greedy city gents.

The K&DTUC ask demonstrators to make Councillors aware of the long term consequences of these cuts; the prospect of more youngsters on the street when there is nowhere else to go, the loss of library activities for the very young to encourage a love of books and to enjoy the company of their peers, elderly and disabled residents left without adequate care services that will tip them over the edge into the more expensive care homes, council tenants driven into debt and homelessness.  But of course that will be next year’s problem.

Above all, Councillors should be reminded that they are elected, and paid out of the public purse, to represent all of the residents, not just the ones they play golf with.

Please lend your voice to those disenfranchised by infirmity, poverty, social deprivation and youth.

6pm on Wednesday 29th February at Kingston Guildhall.
Stop all the cuts! Fight for every job!


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