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Kingston Council is soon to release its cuts budget for 2012. It will be agreed at a Council meeting on 29th February.

An emergency meeting of the Kingston Anti-Cuts Group has been called. We want to build a movement against cuts to services, jobs and pay in Kingston. We want to educate people about the cuts being made in the borough. And we want to stop the Council’s austerity budget.

All are welcome to join us. This is an open planning meeting to discuss how we can fight the cuts through stalls, direct action, leafleting, demonstrations, web activism and linking up with people working in services hit by the cutbacks.

They say cut back, we say fightback!

7PM Tuesday 24th January.
Kingston Labour Party offices,
160 London Road,
Kingston KT2 6QW.

Facebook event.


16% of children in Kingston live below the poverty line

From Surrey Comet.

Campaigners have revealed 16 per cent of children in Kingston and Surbiton live below the poverty line.

Figures for child poverty across the country have been released as part of a campaign by End Child Poverty in a bid to raise awareness of the poor condition suffered in communities across the UK.

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Reinstate expelled Kingston Uni student protester!

By Alistair Farrow, Kingston Education Activist Network.

James Heslip is a Kingston University student studying Fine Art. In the 2010 student protests he was involved in breaking a window at 30 Millbank, which houses the headquarters of the Tory party. He was sentenced to a year in prison and, to make matters worse, the University has expelled him from his course.

The punishment James has received is completely out of proportion to the crime he committed. When members of this government got away with smashing up a restaurant as members of the Bullingdon Club (a real case of ‘mindless vandalism’) it was excused away as a case of ‘boys will be boys’; when protestors break a pane of glass it is treated as a threat to the government and no mercy is shown. Students showed the way to resist the cuts last year and without their actions we would not have seen the biggest strike in living memory on November 30th. Now it’s our turn to support those students who are being victimised as part of a government strategy to discourage others from resisting the cuts.

James needs all the help he can get and there are a number of ways we can show our support. Firstly, sign the petition demanding the University reinstate him. Secondly, write a letter to the Vice Chancellor (who has the final say in the mater) demanding his reinstatement. Lastly, if you have a message of support for James, email it to and it will get forwarded to him in prison.

James has been drawing during his time in prison and you can see his art here.

Kingston Unite affiliates to Anti-Cuts Group

The Kingston branch of Amicus/Unite has affiliated to the Kingston Anti-Cuts Group!

Amicus/Unite is the second local trade union to affiliate to KACG, after Kingston GMB (K19) affiliated last year. Kingston Trades Council, a forum for local trade unionists to coordinate their activities, has also backed the Group.

Affiliations and donations to KACG help the Group to campaign against cuts in Kingston and to raise awareness of the impact of attacks on social welfare, wages and jobs in the borough. You can help to fight the cuts by passing motions for affiliation in your union branches!